Letter to Bulldog Families-2024/2025 Attendance Initiatives

Attendance Matters-Everyday Counts

August 2, 2024

Dear Parents:

Attendance is one of the biggest indicators of student success.  We know that there is a strong relationship between great student achievement and student attendance.  Students who attend school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than students with poor attendance.  

Last school year we saw a significant decrease in the number of students who were chronically absent.  Thank you for all of the ways you supported your child in getting to school daily. We know that our academic success stems from daily attendance efforts on the part of families and the school. 

This school year we will continue to celebrate good attendance, improved attendance, and perfect attendance.  We will hold a quarterly attendance celebration in order to acknowledge attendance accomplishments.  Students that have an attendance rate of 97% (2 or less absences) or better will be eligible for these special celebrations.  We will also be communicating with families that may need support with improving attendance.  

In accordance with school district policy and state law (ARS 15-802), your child’s attendance will be monitored regularly.  If we notice concerning trends with student attendance, we will take action.  Parents/guardians of students with excessive absences should be aware of the potential consequences.  

  • Loss of learning opportunities 
  • Lack of social interaction with age group peers
  • Exclusion from activities and field trips 
  • Possible grade level retention
  • Home visits conducted by school administration and school resource officer 
  • Referral to city and county law enforcement agencies for possible truancy charges 

Making daily school attendance a priority is one of the best ways families can support their child’s school success.  We are fully committed to giving your child the best possible education every single school day.  Please support us by making sure your child is in school each and every day.  


Mrs. Richards